Tinos. The Greek Islands Cruise, 1936
  • Identifier: "0091"
  • Title: "Tinos. The Greek Islands Cruise, 1936"
  • Subject: Antiquities, Photography, Archaeology, Archaeological Photography, Landscape Photography
  • Description: "THE GREEK ISLANDS SUMMER 1936 Louis Lord, Director, Gisela Richter, Edith Dohan, Dennis Page, Mary Hamilton Swindler, Katherine Dohan (Dumbabin), Frances Jones, D. Canaday, κτλ. Tinos, "On cardboard with title ""THE GREEK ISLANDS. SUMMER 1936"". Written in pencil, Kea""
  • Creator: "Canaday Doreen D."
  • Publisher: "Blegen Library Archives"
  • Date: "1936"
  • Format: "7x11"
  • Type: "Print"
  • Coverage: "Greece, Cyclades, Tinos"
American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Doreen Canaday Spitzer Photographic Collection