Asia Minor. Nysa, Theater
  • Identifier: "0729"
  • Title: "Asia Minor. Nysa, Theater"
  • Subject: Antiquities, Photography, Archaeological Photography, Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Classical Architecture, Theaters
  • Description: "A critical examination of The Theatre at Nysa by Beylar Roebuck Schlaiger and McDonald Best preserved seats, contrary to usual custom, are at the top., "On cardboard with title ""Sept. Nysa 1938"".""
  • Creator: "McDonald William A."
  • Publisher: "Blegen Library Archives"
  • Date: "1938"
  • Format: "11x8"
  • Type: "Print"
  • Coverage: "Turkey, Asia Minor, Nysa, Theater"
American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Doreen Canaday Spitzer Photographic Collection